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“11 years ago I created a unique money making home business which made me a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE at the age of just 48…”

“To PROVE my money making plan worked - under the watchful eye of a sceptical National TV film crew … and filmed LIVE … I banked over £506,297.98 in just 5 days…”

“Just a few weeks ago I PROVED it again by using that same business plan to raise £468,681.00 in just 3 weeks which I donated to the ‘The Make A Wish Foundation children's charity’…”

Would you like to test my money-making home business plan for yourself? If you do, you can preview it in your own home THIS WEEK so you can decide if you’d like to have a go at COPYING MY HOME BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF … and you can take a look…”



Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Reynolds ... I'm 51 years old … and YES before you ask, I genuinely am a Multi-Millionaire.

Over the next few minutes I’m going to share with you some details of something that has pulled in over £1million not just for me, but for a few fortunate others too, that have successfully copied my system.

And I’ll show you how YOU could have a go at copying my entire money making business plan yourself in your own home.

In fact, I’m so confident my home business plan works that you can take a look this week WITHOUT SENDING ME SO MUCH AS A SOLITARY PENNY so you can decide if you want to COPY IT! and try it out for yourself.

Now before I write another word, let me just get one thing straight from the start. What you are about to read is VERY DIFFERENT from anything you’ve ever seen before.

And yes, I know you’ve probably received letters or visited websites in the past which have promised so much … all the usual get-rich quick rubbish. You know, that awful stuff written by people who we both know haven’t made a penny themselves. So as I don’t want you to confuse this with that sort of nonsense, let me just say I’m going to do something no one else does. Before I go any further…


First – let me lay out some of my ‘credentials’ for you – tell you a little about who I am – and what I stand for…

After all, you’re probably already asking “Who the hell is this guy and why should I listen to him??"

Well, firstly, let me tell you about what I have done with my money since I stumbled on a way to pull in Millions from my spare room…

These days for example, I invest a lot of my time and money into helping others. I am extremely honoured to be a Patron of the Princes Trust…, one of the greatest organisations I know of that help young kids in the community.

Great Ormond Street Hospital video
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I was recently awarded the coveted Surrey Business Person of the Year Award – against some pretty stiff competition…

I am an Ambassador for the Make A Wish Foundation children's charity…

I run a yearly Entrepreneurs Bootcamp for aspiring Entrepreneurs – all for Charity. This year, for example, we raised over £400,000 for Make A Wish. At our last two Bootcamps we raised over £300,000 each time, for my friends at Great Ormond Street Hospital…

I work with local charities too – including Disability Initiative and a local Hospice…

I have used my money making techniques to raise over £1million for various charities – and have an even higher target for next year.

OK – so what’s all that got to do with me, Andrew?

Well, because I grew up in poverty – and I always swore that if I ever made any serious money – I would try to do something useful with it, rather than just fritter it away.

And just 11 years ago I stumbled on such a way of making money that not only helped me give up my ‘day job’ but also took me on to become a Multi Millionaire – having generated over £30Million using what I am about to share with you.

Secondly, included within this letter I’ll show you a copy of my ACTUAL Bank Statement...

Image of bank statement

Mouse-over my bank statement to inspect.

I currently use what I am going to share with you, to draw myself a ‘wage’ … from the returns my business produces … of around £127,000 PER MONTH !

And let me make it clear, that’s NOT how much I’m ‘generating’ using the business plan … that’s NOT ‘turnover’ … that’s NOT some jumped-up or made-up figure…

That’s how much I ACTUALLY ‘PAY’ myself EACH MONTH out of the returns my business produces.

Incidentally all my figures are 100% VERIFIABLE … I even had a team of independent auditors put together a full report confirming my income as proof.

THIRDLY, if you are interested in my home business plan, this week I’ll send you a FREE DVD which includes remarkable TV footage of my money making project in action…

Image of Andrew and a film crewA unique DVD which includes LIVE FOOTAGE of a challenge made to me by a National TV reporter and his camera crew, live on ‘air’ as it were.

Not only did this highly sceptical individual challenge me to bank £500,000 … yep, £½ MILLION POUNDS … in a SINGLE WEEK from scratch…

…but he stipulated TWO CONDITIONS:-

ONE, that he would literally follow me around for the week and ‘sit’ in with me as I ran the project so he could see there was no ‘cheating’ going on.

And TWO, that even after this, the results had to be verified by a team of INDEPENDENT auditors.

Image of Andrew and a film crewOn the FREE DVD I’d like to pop in the post to you this week, you’ll witness this challenge being met by me ‘live’ … see my home business plan making money right in front of your eyes on your TV screen … watch as the money pours in and how I actually ended up banking exactly £506,297.98 in only 5 days … and even see the auditors go through the results live on screen.

FOURTHLY, I’d be happy for you to CHECK ME OUT personally...

If you go to my website at:- after you’ve read this letter you’ll get access to testimonials from OVER 2000 ordinary people I’ve already shown this home business plan to at my Charity events.

People like David from Leeds and Simon from Kent who both attended one of my high ticket private training workshops a couple of years back… people I trained personally.

As a direct result of your training... I now know what it’s like to bank £12k a month, own and rent out 2 flats… and am moving into a detached house (with parking for 20 cars and tennis courts to the rear)...

So thank you. Not just for the income and doodads your system has brought me, but more especially, for the person I have become in the process… all through following your system…

David, Leeds

I was a BT engineer for 15 years, but having learned your system I have banked over £1 MILLION POUNDS in the last 2 years from a standing start …

Simon, Kent

In fact, in this letter you’ll read about some other ordinary individuals, who I also taught face to face, that used the techniques I’d like to share with you…

ALL OF THEM have banked over £300,000 EACH using these techniques… in fact two of them pulled in over £1 MILLION POUNDS each by just copying what I showed them.

Now, these were people who I worked with BEFORE I decided to write down my entire money making plan in the format I’m going to send to you. I worked with them to PROVE that other people could also make my business plan work. They were beta testers if you like. Once I’d proved it – I then decided to make the whole plan available and that is why I am writing to you today.

But before we go on, I must stress that these were people I personally tutored – at a cost of somewhere near £5,000 each – and that is not what I am offering here today – especially as you’ll see in a moment… that what I want to send you today is


Video testimonials
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Okay, well hopefully you can see that this is a little different from anything you’ve ever seen before … so I think it’s time you and I made a start…

Right, now this is where it begins to get exciting because when you actually sit down this week with my home business plan in front of you, maybe for the first time in your life you’ll actually realise that there are ordinary people out there who have a totally different way of making a living to the one you may have now … in fact, when you get it, I’ll talk to you about the techniques that some of my top students have used, to pull in £1million in as little as 3 years

So if you’re absolutely sick and tired of the daily grind … the mediocrity … tired of doing the same old thing week after week after week and never getting anywhere…

If you’re tired of having no freedom in your life … never doing what you really would like to do … fed-up to the back teeth with your neighbours … politicians … petty work colleagues … and your boss… and you feel it's time to see what alternatives there are....

Well I can tell you right now, I'm NOT going to promise you some "Guaranteed Riches Overnight while doing absolutely nothing" package. That's not what this is all about. But I think you're going to love what I am about to show you. You see, I have found a way of making money from home that has allowed me to escape all those things that can be so frustrating about life - and I'd like to share it with you so that you can try your hand at copying some of the methods I use for yourself to see if they will work for you too.

So get yourself comfortable, because you are now about to discover how to learn my entire money making home business plan for yourself, so you can see if it could work for you too.

I’ll begin by first telling you a little about my background because it’s important you understand why I ended up creating this home business plan in the first place … and why I’m writing to you about it now. For a start I think you should know that I’m NOT some guy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In fact, my beginnings were very humble to say the least.

As a child I lived in a caravan and went to school on the local council estate (no I wasn’t a gypsy, we simply had no money). Eventually of course my parents did manage to get a little terraced house, but on the whole there wasn’t much money to go around in the Reynolds household.

And not a lot improved when I left school at the age of 16 with little more than an ‘O’ level in Woodwork (and I only scraped a grade C at that). In fact, I ended up drifting from one dead end job to the other until at 40 years of age I found myself working for a well-known building company. At which stage I was like most ordinary people … mortgage, bills, debts, two weeks holiday a year….

I guess I was leading the same frustrating life most people live...

I was just a humble wage-slave with no prospects living in a cramped semi on a housing estate and going through a tough divorce. Life wasn’t great let’s put it that way.

I especially used to hate that feeling you get when a bill, such as a credit-card, utility or council tax bill drops through the door.

I remember how I used to put the envelope to one side because I just couldn’t face seeing how much money was owing. Then how a few days later I would nervously open it almost scared to look at the balance … and of course I’d always leave it to the last minute until I paid the damn thing.

When you think of it, it really is a sad state of affairs, isn’t it? What a way to live your life … yet millions of people like us live like this until we die.

However, reaching the age of 40 proved to be a turning point for me. For the first time I really began to think about my life and that of my Dad’s. Why my Dad? Because sadly my Dad’s life was indicative of so many people … it was just one long struggle. A life of broken dreams, disappointments and frustrations. I remember how he used to have such high hopes for the future.

Instead however my Dad died penniless and a broken man...

Indeed, when I was nursing him a few years ago as he was dying of cancer, you could see on his face, that distant look of screaming rage inside him.

He knew he was dying but it was as though he was saying “I’m not ready yet … I haven’t even started living … there’s so much more I want to do and see…”

That look on his face has haunted me ever since. That despairing state of being at the end of your life, looking back thinking and regretting having wasted so much of your one and only life on earth.

And now at the age of 40, I could see my own life going exactly the same way. Well the long and short of it was that I vowed NEVER to be in that position.

Video of Andrew Reynolds live on stage at Bootcamp 2008
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So I went in search of a better way of life. Now I won’t elaborate further here because everything’s in what I’d like to send you this week. But in a nutshell, I was handed a ‘system’ being used in the States by a reclusive American Millionaire. I simply adapted it for the UK and developed it into a workable money making plan for starting my own home business in my spare room. The result of which is what I'm writing to you about today.

Well that was 11 years ago now, and it did take me a few years to fine tune it and make it work in the UK I must admit, but the results have been phenomenal since. The money making home business plan I developed has made me a very wealthy individual … I became a Multi-Millionaire using it after banking a total currently standing at over £30 MILLION POUNDS.

It’s this same home business plan I’m now going to invite you to try out for yourself from your own home. And one which I’d like you to take a sneak preview look at WITHOUT SENDING ME SO MUCH AS 1 PENNY even BEFORE you decide if you want to have a go at copying it. And I promise you, you’ll not be disappointed because I will show you precisely how I make excellent weekly returns and you're free to copy everything I do … . For instance, what I would like to send you will…

Show you a home business plan that has brought some of my top students – people who I have worked with face to face - enough money to buy the car of their dreams … for cash…

Now - like some sort of Government Health Warning - I want to point out right here and now, that nothing is guaranteed. No-one - and I don't care who they are - can guarantee you success or money. But, my experience is that if you want to learn how to make money - you go to the guy who has found a way and made money himself already - and ask him if he'll teach you. Make sense?

Now at this point – I could go on about the wonderful ‘things’ that my little business has brought me… the top of the range Bentley GT Continental - The two wonderful homes I have – each costing £1million + again all paid for in cash - NO mortgage … NO borrowing…

Andrew Reynolds' donation to Disability Initiative
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But I don’t want to hype this up and have it come across like some of those daft ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes we all see from time to time.

This isn’t want I’m about.

Far more important to me than the ‘toys’ and personal possessions, is the way that I have been able to make money to help charities and those in need. I am passionate about doing something useful and putting something back into the community – rather than just hiding away with the £Millions that my little business has made.

So while it’s a great feeling owning outright two wonderful homes each with extremely large and secluded manicured grounds (I even employ my own gardener to look after them) that is secondary to my main life goals.…

My money making plan has made me a very wealthy person … it has put me in a position where I can make a difference.....

But of course, once you start to make some real money – once you start donating £hundreds of thousands to charities – people start to pay attention and start asking if you will teach them the system you use to make money.

Image of Andrew with studentIn the past I have trained a small number of people ‘face to face’ in private tuition. But it started taking a lot of my time – I found myself spending days and weeks with people, looking over their shoulders and working on a ‘one to one’ with them…..which was fine – but there are only so many hours in a day…

Of course, some of those people became very rich indeed.

One of the people I worked with on a one to one basis has pulled in over £8Million since starting in 2001. Another has pulled in over £1.6Million in a few short years. Yet another has pulled in over £3million.

BUT let me stress – these were people I worked with personally, face to face…

Eventually though, I found I was spending so much time training others that I didn’t have time for myself to do the things I wanted to do with my life.

So – I stopped providing the one to one training – even though people paid me upwards of £5,000 a day just to teach them.

Instead, I decided to write down my money making business plan, into a simple to use, step by step course – so that someone could learn my entire system without me having to be there in the room standing next to them. … so that YOU could get to see how the whole plan worked – and for far far less than the £5,000 a day fees I used to charge students

OK - so on that note I think that its time I told you how you can try my money making plan out for yourself...

Excited? You should be! In fact, you should have butterflies in the pit of your stomach right now because you’re going to absolutely love this. So hold onto your seat because it just does not get any easier than this.

You see for the last few years, I have been able to withdraw over ONE MILLION POUNDS in wages from the returns my business has produced…

WITHOUT having to re-mortgage my house … WITHOUT having to get a business loan… and WITHOUT any previous experience when I first got started!

So what exactly is this?

Well because of the nature of what I would like to send you FREE within the NEXT 72 HOURS … and because I’m going to let you take a look WITHOUT sending me a penny of your money … I’m not going to tell you exactly what the home business plan does just yet. DON’T WORRY there’s a good reason for this.

Quite frankly I do NOT want to give anything away to just anyone until they have the full money making business plan in their hands. Sorry, but this took me 8 years to develop and fine-tune … it’s something which has made me a Multi-Millionaire … and something which currently earns me over £127,000 A MONTH.

So I hope you understand why I’ve taken this very unusual step of not actually revealing the exact nature of the business plan in this letter. Though as I said, you’ll not have to send me a penny to take a look at it. However, at this point, to put your mind at rest just let me say, …

You HAVEN’T heard of this at all … it’ll be BRAND NEW to you…

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering I can tell you that it’s NOT stocks & shares … NOT arbitrage betting … NOT tax-free trading… NOT a business … NOT email marketing … NOT online auctions … NOT a silly get rich scheme … NOT MLM … NOT gambling … NOT investments … NOT property … etc

What my money making home business plan is however, is something which has enabled me to make PROFITS YEAR IN YEAR OUT … over the past eleven years! In fact, to give you an idea of the kind of profits I’m talking about let me give you two REAL-LIFE examples of my profits (of course I can’t guarantee you will get the same results. But I can show you how I did it and you can have a go at copying the techniques I used, for yourself):


£2.09Million PROFIT

This Project Produced Financial Returns of: £2.53 MILLION in just 10 weeks.

Profit Split: 83% of which was paid to my account 17% of which paid the costs.

The Project made a clear profit of £2.09 MILLION POUNDS in just 10 WEEKS!

Of course, not all my returns are this good. For example, for less than a £300 “starting bank” another of my projects, using the same money making business plan, made these financial returns:


£85021.92 PROFIT

This Project Produced Financial Returns of: £65,934 in 3 weeks.

Profit Split: 88% of which was paid to my account 12% of which paid the costs.

The Project made a clear profit of £58,021.92 in 3 WEEKS!

And I’ve been able to get similar results loads of times these past couple of years.

In fact, my business plan has NEVER FAILED to make me a profit in every one of the 11 years…

Here’s some recent figures:

Tuesday 1st July 2008 I banked £74,006.53…
Wednesday 2nd July 2008 I banked £67,149.42…
Thursday 3rd July 2008 I banked £77,523.01…
Friday 4th July 2008 I banked £74,855.73…
Monday 7th July 2008 I banked £118,027.92…
Tuesday 8th July 2008 I banked £73,963.42…
Wednesday 9th July 2008 I banked £76,470.77…
Thursday 10th July 2008 I banked £34,601.23…
Friday 11th July 2008 I banked £42,646.38…

Image of Andrew ReynoldsOh, and something else I haven’t told you about yet, but which I really like about this business is this. Even though my profits are made here in the UK, the business can literally be run from almost any corner of the western world.

In fact, it is so easy it can even be done from a beachfront home on some tropical island because you don’t even actually need to be in the UK to ‘operate’ it (I’ll show you how I get a fulfillment house to handle everything for me, while I am away – all I need is access to the internet so I can keep in touch while I am traveling).

So why am I willing to tell you about it?

Simply because I’ve made a big decision in my life. You see a while back I was prescribed with some pills because of a slight heart condition I have. Indeed, it came as a bit of a shock to me to discover that here I was only in my 40’s but I now have to take tablets and maintain lower blood pressure and stress levels for the rest of my life.

It’s made me think about life a great deal … and brought back those images of my Dad dying well before his time, a broken man.

Because of this, a couple of years back I just felt it was time to take it easy and now run down my home business over the next few months so I can semi-retire for good on a Million Pound a year income (something I’ve worked out I can achieve running this about twice a year from my home office).

Though I won’t end up penniless like my Dad, my health issues have made me realise how short life is … that it could be over at any moment. And I just do NOT want to find myself on some hospital bed with the same thoughts as my Dad, “I’m not ready yet … I haven’t even started living … there’s so much more I want to do…”

Actually, in some ways it would even be worse than for my Dad, as I would have had the money … had the opportunity … but would have still not done the things I really wanted. For a start, I want to spend more of my time working for my adopted charities such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and The Prince’s Trust.

Now I’m not trying to make out like I’m some saint ... I’m not ... I’m just pretty average. But it’s what I personally want to spend more time of my life involved in. Might not be what you’d want to do when you retire I know … and to be honest I would probably have thought the same myself a few years back … but when you’ve bought all the material things you want, believe me you’ll feel drawn to other activities.

I don’t know, maybe your dream is to write a book or learn to navigate the seas and sail around the world. For me though, at the moment, I want to run down to retirement and while I’m doing that I want to do the things I get a buzz out of.

Okay Andrew, but won’t handing this money making business plan over to me and allowing me to copy it affect how much you aim to make even when retired?

Well if you knew how the business actually worked you wouldn’t even ask that because the answer is an unequivocal NO!!

Look, I’m not greedy anyway. I don’t want to walk around dripping in gold … I don’t want a garage full of Ferraris … I don’t want more money than I could spend in several lifetimes.

Image of a hammockWhat would really be the point? I could do it sure enough if I worked harder … I could make a lot more money. But as far as I’m concerned I’m done with all that.

I’ve made my millions … I’ve got the lifestyle … I’ve got the £1,000,000 luxury home … the dream car … the holidays whenever I want. That’s enough for me.

All I want now is to ensure I maintain this lifestyle for the rest of my life while keeping the old grey matter active… keep my health in check … and spend more time working for the charities I’m involved in.

So NO, letting you copy my home business plan will not be a problem for me.

Actually to prove my point, you might be interested to know that…

I’ve made more in the last couple of years than I ever have and that’s despite the fact that I let other people in the UK copy my business methods…

As I mentioned - before I ever decided to write down my money making plan for you to copy – I tested out everything I teach by working directly with a few other individuals. I wanted to PROVE beyond any doubt that the business model could work as well for other people as it had for me. Here’s just a few actual results, as I promised you by the way…

Andrew Reynolds money-making challenge
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And they were able to do this because they used the money making techniques I had developed and which I’d like to hand over to you to try out yourself…

But instead of having to sit down with me and learn the whole thing, face to face, as all these guys did… there are NO meetings for you to attend … NO expensive seminars to go to … NO workshops or training days to book … NO one is ever going to call you.

Image of Cash On DemandInstead, I’VE WRITTEN DOWN the entire process … my complete private instructions … which will explain to you how you can have a go at copying my whole money making home business plan and use it yourself, at home. The same techniques that I personally used to build my £Multi-Million business. And it’s all laid out for you and explained in 12 easy to read step-by-step modules.

Indeed, to make it as simple as possible I have collated it in the form of a very, very unusual course so you can study it at home.

It's a course which - if you make your request for your free trial WITHIN THE NEXT 72 HOURS - will also INCLUDE the following items ... and which I would like to send you in the post this week COMPLETELY FREE!

INCLUDES FREE BONUS DVD 1:- “How I Made £1,000,000 starting on a shoestring...”

Image of DVDNow I won’t say too much about this DVD in this letter because I don’t wish to give too much away to individuals who are not prepared to do anything more other than just read this letter.

All I will say is that you are going to see and hear me talk to you in this live recording about some remarkable things in relation to my money making business plan.

Furthermore, I should add that the footage you’ll be seeing on this DVD has NEVER BEEN RELEASED BEFORE. I recorded it only for privately showing to individuals like the ones I’ve mentioned previously in this letter.

INCLUDES FREE BONUS DVD 2:- Fast Tracking To A Millionaire Lifestyle With my Money Making Home Business Plan

Image of DVDThis may quite possibly be one of the most unique and remarkable DVD’s you’ll ever watch. It’s going to excite you and give you goosebumps as you are introduced to the incredible lifestyle that this type of business has not only provided me and the others who have had success with the techniques I teach, but which you’ll see can offer a serious home based money making plan..

Included on this DVD I’ve also added some of the LIVE FOOTAGE of the challenge put to me by a sceptical TV Reporter. You’ll even see my business plan in action … the results coming up on screen … the auditors running through the results and the reporter checking it himself. In short, you’ll witness me pulling in £506,297.98 in just 5 days, live on camera.

Furthermore, I’ve even included the filming of me presenting the director of the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity with a cheque for £325,176.00 in front of 2,600 individuals at a Wembley event. Money I raised in just 48 HOURS using the same business methods I’ll be sharing with you.


Image of certificateEven though, as I said, I’m going to be taking life a little easier from now on due to health reasons … and despite the fact that my business plan is easy to understand and copy … I’ve decided to be there in the background, to help you as much as I can to make sure you can do this.

So with that in mind you’ll be pleased to know that I’m including … COMPLETELY 100% FREE … a private consultation with me when you are ready to launch your own home based business

A ONE-TO-ONE consultation which will allow you to ask me questions and to get help from me when you are ready to start your new business.

INCLUDES FREE AUDIO CD: Andrew Reynolds Private Message – Direct from a Private Beach on an exclusive Island off the coast of America

Image of DVDIn addition to the two FREE DVDs I’m including with the course, I am also going to include a FREE AUDIO CD. This is a personal and private message from me which I recorded live from a Private Island Beach off the South coast of America where I recently stayed at a $6 Million oceanfront mansion.

What better place for me to talk to you live about my business plan and the extraordinary lifestyle it has provided

Talking from this private hideaway it also gives you a great illustration of what I said earlier that one of the best things about this business is that it can literally be worked almost anywhere in the world. This is perfectly highlighted when you hear on the CD how my business made me around £87,500 PROFIT while I was out there.

The great thing about this CD is that you can listen to it anywhere … even as you drive. It will keep you focused on what you want to achieve.

So if I’m prepared to send you my private money making business plan … the written instructions … and all these FREE BONUSES … I guess you’re wondering what do I want in return?

Well I think you’ll be very pleased … in fact, I think YOU’LL BE PLEASANTLY SHOCKED.

You see…

In fact, you can copy the entire plan COMPLETELY ROYALTY FREE!

Instead all I’m looking to do is basically cover the costs of shipping, production and the time it’s taken me to write down this money making business plan.

Which is why I thought I could send you the monthly course parts for just £27 per month (+postage and packing)!

Latest returns in last 12 weeks £1,334,667.30The fact is I am not trying to shift a load of courses … for a start when you are earning around £127,000 a month anyway, you have no need to.

But neither would I give it away because it’ll just end up in the hands of a lot of people who’ll not do anything with it and I’ll just end up getting tons of emails and spending all my time doing the very things I want to avoid. I am after all supposed to be running this down to my complete retirement, not creating a load of extra work for myself. So I suppose what I’m saying is that in short I’m suggesting a trade off…

I’ll teach you the ropes … exactly how my business plan works… how you can copy it and try it for yourself… and in return…

You pay me a token £27 per month for the instructions and business plan! Fair enough?

I’ll even make this RISK-FREE for you

Of course, £27 per month for a home business plan which made me a Multi-Millionaire at the age of just 48, is really negligible in comparison. However, I know you may be sceptical. And that’s even though I’ve gone out of my way to show this has worked by allowing you to take a look at my bank statements … despite the fact that I’m prepared to send you 2 FREE DVD’s which includes live footage of me meeting the challenge set to me by a TV Reporter so you can see this in action live … despite the fact that I told you about the charities I am involved with … and despite the fact that I even opened up a little of my personal life to you by telling you about my father.

Well even after all this if you do still feel sceptical, I understand, that’s OK. I probably would too, so here’s what I’ve decided to do…

You Don’t Have To Make Your Mind Up Here And Now. Instead I’ll send you the first part of the course COMPLETELY FREE!


I’ll send it to you in the NEXT 72 HOURS if you want. This way you can study it at home and then with more information in your hands you can make the decision yourself as to whether you want to copy my money making plan or not.

Indeed, if you look at the NO RISK FREE TRIAL APPLICATION, you’ll see that the payment processing is POST DATED. There’s NOTHING TO PAY now, and NO RISK TO YOU. Simply fill out the application by clicking here

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Signature of Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds

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FREE EXTRA BONUSAs an exciting ADDED BONUS I’ve decided to include information in the Course which I NEVER intended to ever release. Information which is going to knock you for six, I know that much. It’s actually something which I’M GOING TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT WHEN I COMPLETELY RETIRE.

The circumstances which enable me to do this myself arise about once or twice a year … it takes me about 4-6 weeks each time (working just one or two days a week … usually on a Friday or Saturday) … and as a result of what I do, I am paid a kind of ‘commission’. And this ‘commission’ is HUGE because of the amount of money changing hands … in fact, I’ve been paid sums ranging from between £50,000 to over £1 MILLION POUNDS! Here’s a few ACTUAL ‘commissions’:

From 10th February to 8th April I EARNED £100,463.71
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Remember, you’re going to get the chance to learn how this works from me BEFORE I completely retire and the public find out about it from my book … so that should give you around a 3 year head start. And of course I’ll give you this entire ‘BONUS’


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