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Andrew Reynolds started a unique money making home business in his spare room at home just 14 years ago, which made him a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE at the age of just 48...

Now before I write another word, let me just get one thing straight from the start. Andrew Reynolds and what he offers is probably VERY DIFFERENT from anything you've ever seen before.

And yes, I know you've probably received letters or visited websites in the past which have promised so much … all the usual get-rich quick rubbish. You know, that awful stuff written by people who we both know haven't made a penny themselves. So as I don't want you to confuse this with that sort of nonsense. In fact, Andrew Reynolds does something no one else does as far as I know.

But you are probably asking "Who the hell is Andrew Reynolds and why should I listen to him?"

Well, firstly, let me tell you about what Andrew Reynolds has done with his money since he stumbled on a way to pull in Millions from his spare room…

These days for example, Andrew Reynolds invests a lot of his time and money into helping others. He is extremely honoured to be a Patron of the Princes Trust…, one of the greatest organisations I know of that help young kids in the community.

Great Ormond Street Hospital video
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Andrew Reynolds was awarded the coveted Surrey Business Person of the Year Award – against some pretty stiff competition…

He is an Ambassador for the Make A Wish Foundation children's charity…

Andrew Reynolds runs Bootcamp events for aspiring Entrepreneurs – all for Charity. At the last one, for example, he raised over £700,000 for Make A Wish, bringing the total raised for them to over £1million. At previous Andrew Reynolds Bootcamps he raised over £600,000 for his friends at Great Ormond Street Hospital…

Andrew Reynolds works with local charities too – including Disability Initiative and a local Hospice…

You see, Andrew Reynolds has used his 'Cash on Demand' money making techniques to raise over £1.8million for various charities – and has an even higher target for next year.

OK – so what's all that got to do with me?

Andrew Reynolds presenting a cheque to the Well, as you can imagine – when people saw Andrew Reynolds pulling in this much money – they wanted to know how he did it. He had loads of people writing to him saying "Dear Andrew Reynolds… could you teach me the techniques you have used to build such a profitable business starting from your spare room at home?"

Andrew Reynolds presenting a cheque to the
Make A Wish Foundation

Initially he agreed and started teaching his techniques at intensive 'Andrew Reynolds Masterclass' Business Seminars – face to face.

But then he came up with a better way…

Instead of having to stand on stage teaching the techniques he uses in his business, Andrew Reynolds has WRITTEN DOWN the entire process … his complete Cash On Demand business model … the same techniques that he personally used to build his £Multi-Million business. And he's laid the whole process out and explained it in 12 easy to read step-by-step modules.

Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course

Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course

Indeed, to make it as simple as possible Andrew Reynolds has collated all the techniques he uses in his home business, into a very unusual course which he calls The Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course, so you can study it at home yourself…

And he'd like to give you the chance to take a sneak peek at the course, by sending you the first Module in the series – completely free.

Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand

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Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand – Its not just about making money

At the recent Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand Bootcamp Andrew showed that the Cash On Demand business is not just about making money, it's also about what you do with that money once you've made it. On the huge screen that had been erected for the Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand Bootcamp students of the course were able to see an emotionally charged video filmed during a recent visit by Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand team to the village of Khayelitsha.

Khayelitsha is a township on the outskirts of Cape Town were it is estimated that a 1million people live in tin shacks. Existing students of Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course will have seen mention of some of Andrew's charity work in the past. However this visit as a tourist whilst on holiday to Khayelitsha was rather different.

Live on stage attendees at the Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand Bootcamp watched as Andrew visited local entrepreneurs in the townships who were determined to change their destiny.

One example was a lady called Vicky who runs what she claims to be the worlds smallest B & B In a very ambitious project she had rallied together other people in her street and had embarked on a project to build 20 new brick houses to replace their makeshift shacks. Andrew, arriving on a tourist bus was met by Vicky and heard how her housing project had been stopped due to lack of funds. Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand attendees watched as Andrew toured the 20 partly built homes and as Vicky explained that they had no money to finish the project. Following the ethos of Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand system Andrew decided on the spot to offer Vicky 100% of the funding personally so that she and her neighbours could finish their houses before the winter set in.

Andrew then moved on, to meet another entrepreneur called Rosie who faced a similar problem of funding her soup kitchen Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand attendees watched as Rosie explained that her soup kitchen which feeds 100's of young children everyday was faced with closure because the charity that provided her with the raw ingredients had run out of money.

Members of the audience, most of whom were students of the Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course then watched an emotionally charged piece of video where Rosie broke into tears as Andrew promised to personally provide enough money for her to keep the soup kitchen open for many years to come.

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